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Generation Wind Turbines Ltd can provide a full turnkey solution to harnessing wind power energy for your site. Our experienced engineers and technical team will help you find the right turbine, taking into account your location, average wind speeds, and maximum wind speeds to provide an accurate wind turbine site classification.

We can also advise you about noise receptors, planning regulations and can contact your distribution network regarding your grid connection.

We are happy to help in any way possible, whether you are an individual, farm business, small business, corporation or institution, to get the most from your investment and reach your renewable goals.

If you already have a wind turbine and require advice or technical assistance to improve the performance, solve maintenance, warranty issues, or are considering repowering, we will be delighted to give you the very best support in achieving your goal.

Please feel free to ring us on 0800 779 7118 to find out more.

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